Flash is taking a pretty

Flash is taking a pretty serious beating by the usability community. Rightly so, in most cases. Suprisingly, Macromedia is reacting to it in a way that may actually benefit users. Below is a post on behalf of Macromedia’s Product Manager, Erik Larson.



Hi Everybody,

I’ve been following this list along with several of my colleagues here

at Macromedia for the past few months, particularly the (rather long

string of Flash-related posts. I thought you might be interested to see

an early draft version of our Top 10 Tips for Flash Usability that we

plan to promote to the 500,000+ Flash developers around the world.

We are intensely focused on our customers' needs, and are very

interested to hear your feedback concerning these tips. We believe Flash

can be used to create outstanding user experiences, and that guidance

like these tips will help designers to find their own balance of art and

engineering while still being free to innovate and explore this evolving


What do you think?

I recommend that you reply directly to me,

, so we

don’t overwhelm Keith and William with another flood of Flash posts .

I will then post a summary of the responses.

Thanks for the excellent discussion!