Gardening the ToDo list

A few folks were somehow inspired by Tantek’s [What to do with

things to do]1 post. One of them was me. Successfully managing my time

eternally eludes me. Bryan

accurately noted today that I spend more time on systems to manage my

time than I do actually doing things. I’ve got software, pencil and

paper and a dusty iPaq—yet I continue to be about half as productive

as I could be. The goal is to spend roughly the same amount of time

actually doing stuff, but get more done. So Alex, show us the


  • Grow
  • Restore
  • Maintain
  • Prune
  • Pull

I’ll be taking my list of projects, interests and whatnot and putting

each into one of those categories. I’ll start with Pull. Here’s one to

get me started…

Video Games. Gone. I never play, yet I buy every console that comes out.

I spend hours on Rotten Tomatoes researching what’s fun, and never do

anything with the information. No more.

There, what’s next?…