Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Without sounding too corny, I’d like to thank…

  • Jessica, my daughter, and greatest challenge.
  • My work and business partners. I couldn’t ask for better.
  • Parents who do much more for me than I deserve.
  • A few close, trusted friends.
  • The resolve of a great country.

Oh, and can I mention a few little things…

  • Single-malt scotch. A short glass at night – yum.
  • Candles. Vanilla, burned evenings while I work.
  • Movies. Discovering some obscure little film is the best.
  • CD Burners, Limewire, and MP3s
  • amazon.com. For helping me live beyond my means.
  • eBay. See amazon.com
  • FreeBSD. Opened up a whole new set of possibilities.
  • Funny people. I’m lucky to be near a few.
  • Starr Puffs. One after another after another.