Peter Frampton’s Bullet Time

I haven’t seen the new Matrix movie yet, but on my way in to the

office this morning I heard “Do You Feel Like We Do?” from “Frampton

Comes Alive.”

So what? Well, it occurred to me that both the Frampton song and the

first Matrix movie contained what are probably now known as “bullet

time moments.” You know, that moment when you say to yourself “Holy

crap! that’s the coolest thing EVER!” In the original Matrix it was

the bullet time scenes. In the Frampton song, it was the talk box. I

remember buying the Frampton Comes Alive album when it came out – 25

years ago now. And I remember the shivers and awe that I experienced

when the guy’s guitar started to SING! It was cool then, and after

hearing it again this morning, it’s still cool.

I think that perhaps much of what keeps me exploring is the desire to

experience more moments like that.