Back from Mexico

To sum up….

  • Surfed (or tried surfing) on a beautiful beach near Pescadero for a couple days.

  • Slept in Palapas with no doors or windows to speak of, and of course dogs walking in and out.

  • Drank the world’s greatest Margaritas in Todos Santos – a tiny town with a ton of fun hidden within it. Great food too.

  • Ate breakfast at Rosita’s, a tiny “restaurant” that in the states one would probably not even drive by slowly. Good eggs though!

  • Fell off the bar that I was dancing on at a place called Squid Roe’s in Cabo San Lucas after another successful search for a good margarita (or six).

  • Got lost and wandered the streets (alone) in the backwaters of Cabo at 3:00am. That was probably unwise. I finally flagged down a local in a van and begged him to drive me back to the hotel. He did, and it only cost me $US20.

  • Recovered the following day by relaxing in the sun at the Hotel Finisterra’s huge and beautiful pool.

I don’t think I’ve ever had quite so much fun in quite so few days.