Delicious Library



Oct 1st – Nov 7th 2004

Wait patiently for the release of Delicious Monster’s Library

Nov. 8th, 9:00am

Receive email notification that Library is shipping and ready for download. Too bad I’m on my PC at the office.

Nov 8th, 7:45pm

Download the demo and poke around a bit. It’s nice, maybe a tad slow.

Nov 8th, 8:00pm

Hook up digital video camera to iMac and turn it on.

Nov 8th, 8:05pm

Hold barcode on randomly selected book in front of digital camera, wait 5 seconds and then listen as the name of the book is spoken by the computer, and watch as a high-res image and detailed information is automatically entered into Library.

Nov 8th, 8:06pm

Giggle aloud, yell for Jess to “Check this out, bring a DVD!”

Nov 8th, 8:10pm

Enter credit card number in order form to buy license for Library. I’ve already had $40.00 worth of fun and I’m just started!

Nov 8th, 8:10pm-??pm

Scan everything in sight