Epson/Cosina make my next camera

Leica, just a month or two ago, were holding the line that a digital rangefinder accepting their legendary “M” lenses was impossible. Then, last week they announced that they were actively working on a “Digital M”, due in two years.

Then Epson and Cosina blew everyone away when this showed up under glass at PMA…


It took almost 2 whole days before everyone believed that this new digital rangefinder from Cosina/Epson wasn’t just a cruel photoshop joke.

Based on the Bessa R2 body, it appears that it will indeed accept M lenses and is due out in May. The chronograph-looking thing on the top is actually a combination of battery guage and something else. Yes, that’s a rewind lever and film advance, used for image review and shutter cocking. Coolest thing ever.

What this means to me? I can now buy more Leica lenses without worrying that they’ll eventually end up in a closet when they stop making film. How much for that Noctilux?