Folding Laundry

From Kyle Cassidy, the coolest “Leica Guy” I know, in a post to the Leica User Group…

“i will come and confiscate your leicas and donate them to school children. this goes for all of you (are you listening?) you have a freaking $1300 camera. go take some @#$! pictures!

as i have told y’all before, (perhaps not in so many words) when Vanity Fair or Harpers or Newsweek or whomever tells a photographer “I want some exciting pictures of people folding laundry” gosh darn it, they get exciting pictures of people folding laundry. because life around you at any given moment seems dull is no excuse for not taking an interesting and inspiring photograph. if you’re GOOD you find the photo. and if you’re NOT good you need to get better (so go look for the photo). and if you’re NEVER going to be good, you need to swap that leica to someone for a set of stereo speakers or a used volkswagon or a playstation 2 or something.

there you have it.

show me some pictures, people. show me some good pictures.

Is “My Leica’s in the shop” a good excuse?