I love software

It used to be that weekends were made for Michelob. Now, they’re made for software (and a little scotch). This past weekend I had to get my hands dirty with:

  • Postfix configuration

  • Courier IMAP/SSL setup

  • pop-before-smtp with Postfix

  • Goofy details of Debian’s Apt system

  • Spamassassin

  • Apache/MySQL/PHP5 install

  • Tweaks to a couple of Python scripts

  • CVS Repository move from one server to another

  • ViewCVS.cgi setup

  • Awstats install

  • Importing Blosxom entries into Movable Type

  • And several I’ve forgotten or would rather not mention

Dealing with a few of the above felt like I was looking for my ass with both hands and a flashlight, but for the most part, it was successful. And for some reason, satisfying and a helluva lotta fun.