iPod shuffle wierdness

I bought myself a new iPod for my birthday (since no one else was thinking clearly enough to buy me one, apparently).

I usually just hit “Shuffle songs” and I instantly have the worlds best commercial-free radio station. I’ve noticed recently that something is strange about the songs that it picks to play. For example, the last four songs were all disturbingly related to death.

  • Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)

  • Coattails of a Dead Man (Primus)

  • A Leonard Cohen song which starts: “See you from the other side”

  • Take it With Me (Tom Waits)

Old long since gone

Now way back when

We lived in Coney Island

Ain’t no good thing

Ever dies

I’m gonna take it with me

When I go

(Tom Waits)


If you’re susceptible to that sort of nonsense. (he says with just a little too much conviction)

Note: I try not to post during work, but if I suddenly keel over dead today I wanted to make sure people know it might just be the iPod’s fault.