On and off the radar

A fella can only care deeply about a limited number of topics at any given time. I tend to jump around quite a lot when it comes to what I’m interested in, so I thought I’d take a snapshot of what interests (and doesn’t interest) me right now…

Off the Radar

  • CSS Tricks

  • RSS Formats

  • HTML Validation nitpicks

  • Table-less layout

  • Designing my weblog

On the Radar

  • Getting Things Done (GTD) and other process/systems for task/objective management

  • Web service syndication of everything

  • HTML-based application GUI improvements (Javascript/PHP interaction via JSPAN and others)

  • Information Architecture for dummies (Top-down vs. Bottom Up, Navigation and Taxonomy, etc)

  • Unit Testing

  • Tagging vs. Metadata (Like Flickr and del.icio.us as applied in content management systems)

  • Publishing (Improving the quality and quantity of information in this site)

  • Transitional Volatility (Should navigation really be consistent?)

  • Mind-mapping concepts (Useful?)