Review: Spartan

After seeing Spartan, it occurred to me that the problem I have with many of Mamet’s films is that although there’s plenty of interesting dialog, there are no real characters.  I couldn’t have cared less about anyone in the movie. Even the cleverest dialog will have trouble compensating for that.

Roger Ebert (yes that Roger Ebert) and I typically like the same movies, believe it or not. Not in this case, however. He loved the film. He also thought it was one of Kilmer’s best performances. Bah. Kilmer was monotonous and dull, and I don’t think it was intentional. Willam Macy, one of my favorites and a Mamet regular, was completely wasted in this film. They could’ve used anyone for that role. Ah well, guess I’ll watch House of Games again so I can forget Spartan.

(I would’ve linked to the IMDB page for the movie, but it seems one of the ad servers was down, so none of the pages would load. Hate that.)