And they all became the same

Last Saturday evening shortly after midnight I was mindlessly browsing around when I ran across the Kubrick template for WordPress. I liked it so much I decided to use it for my own little ‘blog. At the same time I figured I’d update WordPress to the latest nightly build. 3 hours later I was realizing what a terrifically bad idea that was. Repeat after me: never, ever change more than one thing at a time! Anyhoo, I ended up finally getting everything working and all was well. Just one more little tweak and… wait a minute!… the default WordPress template looks suspiciously like the one I’d just spent all night working on. Then, a few minutes later, I read this on the Presentation page of the WordPress admin:

“The default WordPress theme based on the famous Kubrick.”

Great, not only did I just waste an entire evening farting around with a template that I already had, but over the next few weeks everyone’s weblog is going to look exactly like mine. Time to focus on that blue bit up there I suppose.