Circus Ponies Notebook

It’s amazing how my perception of a particular piece of software can change over time. Some apps have tricked me into liking them, only to eventually fail. Others I’ve tried and hated, then grown to love. An example of the latter is Circus Ponies Notebook.


I’ve tried this critter twice before and hated it. It looks like a spiral notebook for crying out loud. How can I take that at all seriously? Besides, I thought we were past silly metaphors.

For some time I’ve been putting absolutely everything into DevonTHINK Pro. Project notes, PDFs, documentation, you name it. It’s a truly great app, but what I found is that while DevonTHINK is great for storing and searching, I don’t like it for creating or organizing stuff.


Then, a funny thing happened. I started using real notebooks – a lot. So, when I started looking for an outlining/list-keeping/note-taking app to supplement DevonTHINK, I thought I’d give NoteBook another shot. This time it clicked immediately.

Suddenly I had a place for journalling, list-keeping, storing project information and all sorts of other things I’m just beginning to explore. After about a week with Notebook, I’m still finding little things that make me glad I gave it another shot. If you need a place to organize, write, collect or otherwise manage the digital bits and pieces, give it a shot.