Musings considered harmful

Blogs seem to need titles and taglines. This feels perfectly natural to me. What weblogs don’t need are bad titles and taglines.  (Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that mine isn’t one of them.) Please, if you must blog(v.), refrain from any combination of the following…

  • Musings – Musing implies thought, and let’s be honest, most of us skip that part and get right to it.

  • Random – or any of its derivatives

  • Stuff

  • Ramblings

  • Reflections

  • No l33t haX0r nonsense. That’s as bad as saying fo-shizzle – and even less cool.

  • Radio Free…whatever.

  • No French or French-like words of any kind (e.g. L’dumbshit)

  • No e x t r a s p a c e s or d.o.t.t.e.d w.o.r.d.s. That was original once – in 1998.

  • Rants and/or Raves – We’ll know if that’s what you’re doing. Then we’ll stop reading you…. oh wait….

Thank you for your consideration.