Pens, lots of ‘em

I like pens more than I should, given the amount of actual writing I do. With my recent “Moleskine” acquisitions, this has changed somewhat. Anyway, when I do write it’s with one of three or four different pens.

  • Pilot G-2 for everyday notes and whatnot. They cost a buck or so, but write really, really well.

  • Montblanc Meisterstuck Rollerball. Overpriced (a gift), beautiful and feels fantastic. Trouble is the ink sometimes chops up on me. I think with G-2 ink it would be perfect. (I tried fitting it with G-2 refill – don’t do that.)

  • Fisher Space Pen. Always with me. Tiny in my pocket but full-sized when open. Writes anywhere, under any conditions. Haven’t tried it in space yet.

  • Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen. I bought this for use when writing just for fun. It’s my first fountain pen and only $35.00. I should’ve gotten the fine nib. The medium one throws down too much ink too quickly and, being a lefty, I tend to smear it easily. And it’s plastic. I hate plastic. The Expert II is probably going to replace it soon.

Mike Shea does a very nice and more complete pen review.