Rails eating Java?

I’m not a Java guy, but there is such a thing, and many of them are drinking the Ruby on Rails kool-aid.

Take for example Jason Hunter, who’s written books on Servlet programming and generally seems like smart fella. Jason’s piece, The Innovator’s Dilemma: It’s Happening to Java discusses what many believe to be happening – “… Rails today looks poised to eat Java’s mindshare on the web tier.”

“I heard today from someone involved with Java at Sun that Ruby on Rails “doesn’t scale”. Exactly! It doesn’t have to. It’s not as good, but it’s easier (read: cheaper) and good enough for most. Like all disruptive

technologies, it’ll only get better. It will scale better. It will add two-phase commits and fancy message queues. In the meanwhile it’s getting interest and winning converts with the promise and delivery of cheapness—mental cheapness.”