The RAW Truth

Another Luminous Landscape article, this time extolling the virtues of always using RAW format when shooting digital. I don’t have the talent or card space for it, but I shoot RAW anyway. I like having the unprocessed “negative” to fall back on—just in case I should accidently capture something great, but botch the camera settings.

“The JPEG shooter and the RAW shooter both capture RAW data. The JPEG shooter uses the camera as their RAW converter (developer) and is willing to give up the potential to do a better development in the future. The RAW shooter, saves the RAW data (and maybe a camera developed JPEG as well) so that the potential of the image can be maximized by using his or her RAW converter of choice. Or by developing a critical image on several RAW converters to find which one produces the best rendition of a particular image…”