The things I don’t know

Hoo boy. Every day I am, like it or not, reminded that I really don’t know sh*t about a lot of things. Most things, if we’re being honest. For example, I just want to be able to take a decent photo, interesting to me, and make a nice digital print out of it. To this end, I follow a number of mailing lists and news groups, such as the DigitalBlackAndWhite Yahoo group. Today, there was this…

“Previously, in the RIP world, while we had a linear L print space there was still no sensible mechanism for mapping (in a Same as Source workflow) from a workspace of A with a gamma of x to a print space of B with a gamma of y. We linearised the print space but it wasn’t profiled and so we could not draw on the wealth of knowledge and technique available to the colour world for the transition.”

Sheesh. Is every road this long?