Typo 2.5

This here blog has been running Typo for some time now. It also proxies Apache to Lighttpd and uses FastCGI. A lot of this is fairly new and I’ve run into a few snags, as you may have noticed.

I track the main line of Typo via Subversion and tonight just ran svn up without much thought. Ooops. Seems Typo 2.5 is out and there’s much new goodness. After a couple hours getting the database working again (The Rails “migrate” feature is great, except when it sucks) I’m back up and running. I created a theme which will look familiar and things are all peachy now.

By the way, Typo rocks. This is not only due to nifty features and buttloads of AJAX goodness, but also that since it’s written in Rails I can just jump right in and find the code I’m looking for and modify it easily. It’s fun!