Apple today

I’ve gotta say, as much as I like Apple stuff, today’s showing was a little disappointing. I know, it was a small event, not meant to thrill anyone, but they did say it was about some “fun” products. What we got was a couple of overpriced iPod accessories that should’ve been left to third parties. The Mac Mini is a nice step, but still short of the PVR I *really* want.

Let’s forget the leather case for a moment (as everyone else will in a week) and take a look at the Hi-Fi.


I’m guessing that the interns at Apple who are normally charged with designing mice badly were given a new project. That thing is pretty ugly. Looks better without the grill, but still. They should also reconsider using the term “audiophile-quality.” As any audiophile will tell you (I’m not one of them), 128k AAC is nowhere near audiophile-quality. And a frequency response of 53Hz to 16kHz will likely make it a no-show for many, even though I seem to recall that response is difficult to compare since the measurements are done differently by each manufacturer. I think it’s best to hold off final judgement until actually *hearing* the thing. Still ugly though.