Best Textmate plugin ever

All of you Rails developers using the wonderful Textmate editor may want to sit down for this. Duane Johnson has been on a roll creating the greatest Textmate Bundle ever – _syncPeople on Rails_. Why so great, you ask? I’ll tell you. Rails enforces a rather strict MVC file hierarchy which does wonders for code consistancy. It rather sucks, however, when trying to edit related code held in 3 or 4 different directories. This bundle file creates 3 new commands… “Open Controller/View”, “Create Partial from Selection” and “Intelligent Go To File.” Check this….

“Hit the keypad enter key and youll be taken to whatever makes the most sense. For example, if youre on a line that reads render :action => list and you hit enter, youll be taken to that list action in the controller. If youre inside a view file but not on any particular render line, youll be taken to the controller. It tries to use a best-match scenario…”

Absolutely fabulous. Thanks Duane!