Blogging advice: Bitching Adds Zero Value

I have literally hundreds of feeds nestled somewhat uncomfortably within my RSS aggregator. In recent months it seems that many of the authors I track have done nothing but rant and complain and whine. Yesterday I decided to clean up my subscriptions and remove those that add no value. I removed nearly one third half of them. For those of you I’ve cut (yes, I know you don’t care), here’s some advice… Bitching Adds Zero Value.

Here’s a short list of things that I find actually add value to any given blog…

  • Create something new and show it to me. Photos, poems, ideas, I don’t care which.

  • Teach me what you know about whatever it is you know.

  • Tell me what you like and don’t like about something – anything, but don’t bitch about it. There’s a difference.

  • Point me to something you find interesting.

  • Tell me something about yourself now and then.

To sum up, if you feel the urge to surround your next post with tags, just skip it. Maybe try instead. Again, there’s a difference.