Cach finished quietly with a long, static shot of a school and absolutely no resolution – effectively taking the “who” out of whodunnit. I just sat there, watching the credits roll, dumbfounded that it left me with *nothing* to go on. Who was secretly filming Georges and leaving the ominous voyeuristic video tapes and violent drawings? Was it Madjid? His son? Were the nightmares actually vivid memories? I had no idea.

So I watched it again.

Nope, still no idea who did it, but that’s not really the point at all. This is a film about global paranoia and responsibility. It’s difficult to embed mocking, angry social commentary in a psychological thriller without being obnoxious (as in Crash), but there it is. There’s no soundtrack to help, no directorial underlines telling the viewer when to pay attention. And there’s honestly no resolution at all. It’s relentlessly, deliberately ambiguous.

Do pay attention to the lower left corner of the screen during the long static shot leading to the credits. Something important happens. Trouble is, it raises more questions than it answers. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, which is worth much more than a tidy ending. You will leave the film unsatisfied, and better for it.