Kinkless 0.83

The new Kinkless GTD release is available. This thing just keeps getting better and better. For you Getting Things Done fans, it really is a great implementation. You’ll need the latest Omni Outliner Pro beta to run it. Ethan, the author, refuses to take money for it, but I hope that changes because it’s worth its weight in gold and I’d happily pay for it. The best new feature is a rewritten Quicksilver action for adding tasks. Say I need to remember to drop off a CD at SuperCo for the project. Here’s the set of keystrokes needed (with explanation in parenthesis)…

Command-Tab (brings up Quicksilver)

. (period – enter text mode)

Drop off Disc > Super @ Errand (Task > Project @ Context)

Tab (Moves to action pane of Quicksilver)

k (Brings up the Send to kGTD action)

Enter (That’s it)

That’s it. Now I have a next action under the project with a context of Errand.

The third line there is the meat. Type your task, then the project, then the context. The best part is that you only need to type the first few letters of each and the send script is smart enough to figure out the rest. Sweet.