The long-awaited Delete button

Finally! My longed-for, dreamed-of and always-missed Gmail “Delete” button! Hurray for Google. Yes, I know there are Greasemonkey scripts that will add the same button in Firefox, but this is different. This is Google listening to what must’ve been nearly *everyone* begging for a simple delete button. The pallid basement dwellers who hang out on Digg are quick to point out that “sheesh dude, it’s like a two-line bit of code, what’s the big deal? No Digg.” That misses the point entirely. Gmail has always been about “…so you’ll never need to delete another message,” and they meant it. And I hated it.

Gmail has also always been about lightweight, usable, management of our email. Making us jump through hoops to delete messages (and we *want* to delete messages, no matter how much storage you give us) was in obvious and painful contrast to that goal. All better now. Thank you. Now about that “Delete All…” button.