Am I a blogger?

I’ve considered myself a blogger since I first set up in 1999. At first, I did what everyone else did; linked to things I thought were interesting, occasionally throwing in a sentence or two about them as well. That was it. That was blogging. Then, for a while, I tried writing longer, original-content posts, but that didn’t last. Seems original thought isn’t my bag. What I’ve realized is that I’m still doing pretty much the same thing today as I was 8 years ago – and it’s boring.

So now what?

I don’t know. What I do know is that posting relevant, insightful and original content doesn’t seem to be happening here at all, so I may just stop trying – for now. I still enjoy linking to things I find interesting, but Tumbler works just fine for that.

I’m still figuring out what this site is about. I suspect it’s simply about *me*, but doesn’t Facebook do a better job of that already?

See you back here when Facebook stops being Facebook and Twitter stops being Twitter – ‘cause will always be – a network of one.