Export from Lightroom to Zenfolio

Zenfolio is my favorite image hosting site and Lightroom is my Raw converter/DAM tool of choice. Finally, the toolset is emerging for these two tools. Until recently, getting photos from Lightroom to Zenfolio has been painful.

  1. Create export setting in Lightroom for images targeted for Zenfolio.

  2. Export select files from Lightroom to disk.

  3. Fire up the heavy and rather annoying Zenfolio (Java Applet) uploader.

  4. Wait for the uploader.

  5. Accept the Java security dialog.

  6. Drag exported files to uploader and wait.

How come Flickr, Smugmug, iPhoto, Aperture and friends get all the good tools? I love Flickr, but only use it for one-offs, not galleries.

With Lightroom 1.3, we finally get some basic plugin support. And Jeffrey Friedl was nice enough to write a plugin for Lightroom that sends my photos directly to Zenfolio.

Check out his Lightroom export plugin for Zenfolio