More keyboard, less crumbs

New Apple Keyboard

It’s amazing how easy it is to just live with something that really isn’t that great. Case in point, Apple’s recent “crumb-catcher” keyboards have pretty much sucked. Other than the desk-goo aquarium nastiness, the keys have always felt somewhat mushy. There was a certain lack of confidence while using them.

That’s changed. I think Apple has redeemed themselves somewhat with the latest iteration, introduced a couple of weeks ago along with the new iMacs. Got mine yesterday and now that I’m getting used to it I’ve decided I love it.

  • Short, snappy strokes

  • Dedicated iTunes controlling keys. How many hacks did we need to work around that omission?

  • It’s incredibly thin and looks, well, cool.

I wish it was wireless, but Apple for some reason decided that they’d cripple the Bluetooth version by leaving off the numeric keypad and other useful keys. I hope they reconsider, but for now, this one is working just great. Thumbs up.