Mr. Jobs can keep my $599

I bought an iPhone the day after it was released. Paid $599, and love almost everything about it. It was worth the money I paid for it or I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s now a couple months later and Jobs drops the price to $399. I would rather have paid $200 less than I did, but at the time there was no other option, so I made a choice and bought one.

When I purchase something, the contract is as follows:

  1. I give you money equal to the selling price

  2. You give me the device

That’s it. If the device works as I expected, the contract has been fulfilled. I understand that someday you may decide to introduce better models and even charge others less for the current one. So be it. I’ve gotten what I paid for and presumably what I wanted.

If on the other hand, he’d introduced a newer, better model I’d be pissed. But he didn’t. I still have the latest, coolest phone on the planet.

Hell, I hope Apple drops the iPhone price _again_ so even more people can choose to buy them – they’re wonderful.