Top 7 Reasons I’m an Apple Fanboy

  1. They make best computer hardware/OS combination in the world. Always have. A Macbook Pro running OS X is wonderful.

  2. Every iPod I’ve owned has worked flawlessly from day one. Easy, and no problems, ever. I’ve had 6 of them and all but the one I lost is still in use.

  3. The iTunes Music Store makes finding and legally downloading music easier than stealing it, DRM or no. My experience has been nearly flawless. All of my music still plays just fine.

  4. The AppleTV is the simplest-thing-that-could-possibly-work. I could’ve bought one of a dozen devices for managing and streaming movies and music. The AppleTV was up and streaming my stuff in 10 minutes. Gorgeous and easy.

  5. My stock, locked iPhone is a beatiful piece of work. I would like it to do more, but I don’t *need* it to.

  6. The Apple Store. I walk into an Apple Store and someone who knows what they’re talking about helps me. Every time, even when I’m complaining about something.

  7. Steve Jobs keynotes. C’mon, what other corporate head does this better? No distortion field necessary.

I used the word “fanboy.” Wikipedia says: “Fanboys remain loyal to their particular obsession, disregarding any factors (often including logic) that differ from their point of view.”

In that case I’ve used the term incorrectly. When a company or product comes along and improves my experience significantly over that which Apple continues to deliver, I’ll switch in a heartbeat. Until then, I’m all Apple’s.

P.S. $0.99 to make a ringtone from a song I’ve already purchased is bullshit. There, see? And you thought I was just another fanboy.