Why I use Tinderbox. Reason #46

Y’all know that I love Tinderbox. There a number of good reasons for this, but the one I’m talking about here (#46 apparently) is the truly great service that Eastgate continues to deliver.

An example…

I was unable to attend the Tinderbox Weekend in San Francisco recently, but Mark Bernstein put together a few packages with the materials and handouts from the event along with a CD containing sample Tinderbox documents and a copy of The Tinderbox Way. The package is a bit expensive at $75, but I ordered one anyway because Tinderbox usage and information on the web is generally fairly limited. Good sample Tinderbox files are especially hard to come by.

Anyway, within an hour of placing my order, Eastgate contacted me with the following note….

Normally we include a copy of “The Tinderbox Way” in the package, but I see in our records that you already have the book. Would you like a second copy, or would you like to substitute one of our hypertext titles for the book?

Now that’s just awesome. Not only did the package I ordered just become much more valuable, but I was reminded of one of the less obvious reasons I continue to use, and love, Tinderbox.