Chinese Democracy

Remember the first time you heard _Welcome to the Jungle_ or any other song from _Appetite for Destruction_? Me too. Goddamn, that was a good day. Hearing _Chinese Democracy_ for the first time today may not be quite the same thing, but it’s a good thing just the same. It’s been a long time, Axl.

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge Guns and Roses fan. I like the strong, hard, simple tracks. I even like the wandering, indulgent, piano-ridden ballads like _November Rain_. You do too, even if you won’t admit it. I remember singing _Sweet Child `o Mine_ to Jessica as she fell asleep. She was just a toddler then. It may only be nostalgia, and there’s no way the new album can live up to expectations after 15+ years, but it’s exciting to have it finally here anyway.

Believe it or not, Best Buy actually had the LP on the shelves, which seemed much more appropriate that a CD or iTunes download. What a nice surprise.