I've waffled back to WordPress

Every six months or so I decide it’s time to switch blogging engines. The last time it happened I switched from Movable Type to ExpressionEngine. I switched then because I’d heard good things about EE and wanted to try it out somewhere.

This time, I’m going from ExpressionEngine to WordPress. Why? Because WordPress does pretty much everything anyone needs for a singe author weblog.

I don’t want to design my site. WordPress has a zillion or so themes available that I can easily try any time. If I get bored with one, I can easily switch to any other with no fuss.

There are also a huge number of plugins available. If I want to try incorporating some new service like Friendfeed there’s usually a plugin or two already written for it.

ExpressionEngine is about the best thing there is for a large-ish site with custom design requirements and plenty of content to manage. For a simple blog with one guy writing a post or two each week. WordPress leaves very little to be desired.