Too Analog?

I think maybe I’m taking this analog thing a bit too far. Then again maybe not.

This is a photo of the Grand Rapids Movie Club rental catalog and library. It was my grandfather’s and he kept it, as he did everything, very organized and documented.


There are entries from the late 1960s until the mid 1980s, all perfectly preserved and legible. At the back, there was even $5.52 in late fees tucked into a banking envelope. 

I was so impressed by this that I’ve decided to try something similar with my still film logs. Each roll will get a neatly-typed summary of shooting conditions, processing methods, and notes. The level of detail will of course depend upon what I record at the time of exposure. The following card is my first attempt:

Yes, that was done using a typewriter. Why fight it? 🙂

I hope I have the patience to keep up with this. Imagine what a nifty stack of cards I’d have in 25 years or so.