Reading the Newspaper

Most Sunday mornings I grab a cup of coffee and my iPad to catch up on feeds and articles I’ve saved to Instapaper during the week. It’s a ritual similar to that of reading the Sunday paper.


One recent Sunday morning I found myself thinking about newspapers, so I stopped at a local gas station and picked up the giant Sunday edition of the local paper and sat down to read.

I very much enjoy the feel of reading the paper; the act of it. Sitting at the table with a giant spread of paper out before me is pretty neat. Lots to see at once and lots to take in. Unfortunately, my enjoyment was short-lived.

Reading through section after section, I realized that there wasn’t much actual news in the newspaper. I found myself quickly turning pages and wishing there was more useful material and not just ads, junk sections, and uninteresting articles.

It wasn’t long before I’d decided that maybe I wouldn’t miss reading the newspaper much after all. Of course the iPad doesn’t wrap fish at all, so perhaps there’s still room for both.