My New Olympia SM-3 Typewriter

The more I write using a typewriter, the more I enjoy writing. It’s not that the words come out any better, but it is a lot more fun making them. 

/img/2012/08/DSCF0304.jpg/img/2012/08/DSCF0307.jpg /img/2012/08/DSCF0303.jpg

I now own three typewriters, which I suppose officially makes me a collector. The latest, shown above, is a 1958 Olympia SM-3. Beautiful, isn’t it? The SM series by Olympia is usually described as great for actually typing. Seems like a good feature, and I have to agree. What pushed me over the edge to buy this one was the video (below) of Woody Allen describing how every word he’s ever written was on his SM-3 and he still uses it daily. That’s a pretty good endorsement in my book.