Walking around with the M3

I hadn’t shot a deliberate photo in a week, so I grabbed the M3 off the shelf, loaded it up with some HP5 and started walking. The goal was to keep going until the roll was used up.

2013 Roll-037_17-editB.jpg

2013 Roll-037_22-editA.jpg

2013 Roll-037_24-editA.jpg

2013 Roll-037_30.jpg

2013 Roll-037_34-edit.jpg

2013 Roll-037_05-edit.jpg

2013 Roll-037_09-edit.jpg

2013 Roll-037_13-edit.jpg

I was thinking of it as more of a sketchbook of my walk, so I underexposed and overdeveloped a bit. Then boosted the contrast even more, just to prove a point. I like the results and it was a great exercise – in more ways than one.