A week ago I decided to go all-in with Asana for task management. The idea was that I no longer wanted to manage my individual tasks separately from those I delegate to others. It’s also handy to have visibility into project requirements aside from only those things for which I’m directly responsible.

I have a long history of switching task managers, and this may be just another one of those things, but so far Asana has been great. The app improves at a pretty good rate, and it’s free for teams up to 15 people.

Favorite things:

  • Forward emails to create tasks
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • It’s fast, for a web app
  • Shared views of tasks and calendars

Less favorite things:

  • It’s not a desktop app (but using Fluid helps)
  • Using the Tab key as a modifier for shortcuts is hard to get used to
  • No good way to organize large numbers of projects

The downside of a collaborative tool like Asana is that it benefits most from collaboration. Obviously. I’m working on getting buy in from my partners and maybe some day the entire team could make use of it.