Casting a wider social net

I thought I wanted to be the quiet guy in the corner. I’d like to just create things, post them without fanfare, and hey, if you find them you find them. Or maybe I should never post anything at all. I could just make stuff that ends up in a cardboard box in my basement until I’m dead. That would be neat, but it’s not likely. You see, I’ve fallen into the same trap as everyone else; I love validation. Even a simple but meaningless Facebook “Like” feels good and I’m just as vulnerable to that feeling as the rest of you. I certainly don’t want to be one of those hand-waving-look-at-me! types that are so common, but I don’t always enjoy sitting here talking to myself either.

I’ve tried not cross-posting to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook but it’s more fun to share. This blog doesn’t get a lot of visitors, so if I want someone to read something I’ve written or see something I’ve photographed — and I do — it’s gotta get posted to other places. Bear with my while I work this all out.