Cole Rise on memory loss due to taking photos

Cole Rise |

“I have days of photos and no actual memory of that day aside from the photos that I took. That’s because I’m so lost in the minutia of the camera and trying to get a photo that I’m not participating. I’m hiding behind this machine.”

“…no actual memory of that day aside from the photos I took.” I used to believe this was a thing. That you could take too many photos and not actually be part of whatever’s happening. I no longer buy it. In fact, I find taking photos to bring me closer to an event.

“Hey everyone, stand over there and look at me!”

See there? I’m interacting! I’m certainly not going to forget what’s going on right there in front of me. I look right at it, I take a quick photo, and I continue looking right at it. Didn’t miss a thing. No reason I’d forget any of it either.

I’m a total camera nerd and I don’t recall the “minutia” of a camera ever distracting me for more that a few seconds. I can miss those few seconds in order to take home some lovely photographs.

The point, I suppose, is don’t waste too much time farting around with a camera. Fair enough, but let’s not exaggerate the effects of doing so either.