Evernote keeps sucking me back in

I have a built-in aversion to using Evernote. I’m not a fan of how it looks and I dislike how difficult it is to get things out in the same format I added them. I can’t fathom why the currently-selected notebook is not indicated in the sidebar. And so on.

But, Evernote makes keeping and finding stuff really easy. It’s everywhere, all the time. Most other software I use integrates with it in some way. And it’s always improving, which is important.

Each time I quit using Evernote I import everything into DEVONthink and swear to never go back. Then I get frustrated with DEVONthink (weak mobile, flakey and complicated sync) and Evernote sucks me back in. The latest update makes Evernote faster and it feels smoother overall.

Now if I could just get over the “lock-in” issue I could stick with Evernote and be reasonably happy.