Extreme Journaling

Keeping a journal is a great idea, but I struggle to do it consistently. I’ve been writing in a journal for years, on and off. Mostly off, if I’m being honest. I wish I’d do it more.

And then there’s John Gadd. Mr. Gadd’s journal spans 151 volumes, covering 21,000 pages and totaling four million words. (read the Daily Mail story).

That’s some serious damn journaling.  Inspiring, is what it is. Can you imagine having something like that to look back upon and to pass on to whatever many generations? I think it’s awesome, and it’s made me want to journal much more. Not that much more, but more. So far it’s working. In the several days since reading about Mr. Gadd, I’ve written a dozen or so pages in my latest journal. That’s about a dozen more than my average. I’ve also printed and included a couple of photos. The next trick is to follow Gadd’s lead and create an index of everything. He claims he can find anything at all in less than three minutes. I’ve set a reminder for the week between Christmas and the new year to index everything I’ve written so far.

Even if this turns out to be just another short-term burst, it’ll be fun.