Launchbar 6

Launchbar was the first app launcher I loved on the Mac. I’d used Quicksilver prior to that but it was buggy and we never got along well. Launchbar was awesome and has been around forever.

However, when Alfred came along I was seduced by how pretty it was and eventually switched. Alfred has been great, but it always felt to me like a pretty-but-lesser substitute for Launchbar, so I was happy to see that Launchbar 6 was released recently.

Launchbar 6 solves the “pretty problem” nicely. It looks great. It also now incorporates “Powerful custom, script-based actions” which should do nicely to replace the few Alfred Workflows I rely upon. It’s great and I’m happy to be back.

If you’re interested in Launchbar or launchers in general, Shawn Blanc has written long, detailed review and history lesson which is well worth a read.