Leica M60 – Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh on the Leica M60

But it costs an absurd US$20,000 to own. The whole premise of it strikes me as ridiculous, especially this video that shows it being unpacked literally with white gloves.

It’s not as if Leica has never done this before. I’d love an M Edition 60. Get rid of that damn LCD, I say! $20,000 is ridiculously expensive for me, but not everyone feels that way.

He also says:

 I find it so sad when companies create these exorbitant editions of their products

If Leica hadn’t released any normal1 products recently, I’d agree. Leica is on a bit of a roll with new products lately and having one or two “special” products in the lineup feels less obnoxious to me today than it did a few years ago.

Just wait until the Apple Watch Edition is released and costs $10,000. And that doesn’t even have a camera.

  • If one can consider a $7,000 camera body “normal"