Making it easier

This site is was built using Tinderbox. I continue to find ways to improve the process so that publishing is as easy as I can make it. One thing I still didn’t like was getting images in the right place and linking them. So I fixed it.

First I added an “ArticleImage” attribute so I don’t have to type in the entire path for images links. I just type in the image’s filename and the Tinderbox export template figures out the rest.


That manages the lead image anyway, which is usually the only one.

That works well, but there was a little nagging thing remaining; opening the blog image folder in the Finder. It’s not like it’s actually difficult, and there are a number of quick solutions. For example, I could put the folder in the Finder sidebar or in the Dock. The trouble with those solutions is that those folders would always be in my way even when I’m not writing a blog post.

So I made it easier to get to the folder right from the Tinderbox document. I just added a “Stamp” which opens the folder in the Finder.


The Action for the Stamp is this:

runCommand("open /Users/myuser/Dropbox/")

Now I can select “Stamps->Open Image Folder” and up pops the Finder window. A small but useful tweak I think.