No New Tools?

Frank Chimero:

I made an agreement with myself in January: no new apps on my phone or computer. Don’t do new stuff. Just do your work.

I started reading Frank Chimero’s post with delight, because I have been thinking along the same lines. I thought what he was about to say was that he should learn to use the tools he has and stop trying new things all the time. I thought he was going to offer some advice about how to do that, since I suffer from the same problem.

But then this…

So, now I come to the part where I make my plea: no new tools, please. If you are interested in improving how people work, you should devise methods for work, manners of behavior, and methods of decision making.

This sounds like he’s saying that since he has trouble sticking with a tool to get work done, other people shouldn’t build anything new that might be a distraction. I suppose that might not be what he means, but it sure reads that way.

He’s right, we probably don’t need yet another todo app. I for one don’t, and my “system” sometimes just locks up due to the sheer number of great apps available for every task. On the other hand, I wouldn’t suggest that developers stop trying to create new things just because I can’t control my impulses. Who’s to say when we’re done innovating?

Document your ideology and apply it with existing tools, so nearly anyone can follow along.

Amen. I would love to see more of that.