Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban

We use Kanban boards successfully for most client projects, so I thought it might be interesting to try it in other areas as well. “Personal Kanban” is meant to help with that. The book is deliberately non-prescriptive, which I found a little disappointing. The entire thing can be boiled down to two concepts.

  1. Visualize your work

  2. Limit work in progress

Knowing that, you can probably skip the book and start with the Personal Kanban website.

As a test, I’m giving the 30-day trial of LeanKit a go. I prefer it to Trello, but it remains to be seen if I eventually use any of them long-term.

UPDATE 2014-05-03: My trial expired and I let it happen. LeanKit is terrific but not for me as a single user. Perhaps one day I’ll get the rest of the gang to try it, but for now it’s off.