The Secret About Rangefinder Cameras

The Secret About Rangefinder Cameras:

So here’s the deep dark secret about rangefinders (Leica fanboys might not want to click past the break):

…Most people don’t like ‘em.

(Via The Online Photographer)

That may be true, but I don’t understand why. Michael goes on to list some of the advantages of rangefinders. What’s not to like?

For me, rangefinders are superior. The most significant reasons:

  1. I can see the scene outside of the framelines. I like being able to reframe based on what I know is outside the frame rather than by guessing.
  2. Ease of focusing. It has always seemed obvious to me that manually focusing using a rangefinder is much easier. Apparently, some don’t agree. Who knew?

A fortunate side effect of preferring rangefinders is that I can use Leicas. That is almost reason enough.