You'll need a nice pen

My last post about this year’s “paper system” neglected to mention which pen(s) I use. Most people don’t care about pens, but I do.

Assorted writing instruments and notebooks

Assorted writing instruments and notebooks

For me, the right pen to use depends upon what and where I’m writing. There are three “modes” in which I write things down. Each requires a different pen. Ok, “requires” might be a bit ridiculous, but still.

Jotting things down while out and about

If someone at the local pub mentions a great book they just read, I whip out my trusty Field Notes notebook, which is always at the ready in my back pocket. Also at the ready is the Poquito Stylus from Montverde. It’s so tiny I barely know it’s in my pocket. I’m still looking for something better, though. I prefer this to the usual Fisher Space Pen because the Space Pen requires two hands to operate. Removing and posting a cap is not something I want to be doing while trying to capture something quickly. Seen above with the Field Notes notebook.

Planning, scheduling, and taking notes

For nearly all writing tasks, I prefer the Montblanc Meisterstück rollerball. I’ve had mine for 15 years or so and it’s still my favorite. It’s beautiful. I love the way it writes, it feels great to the touch, and fits my hand perfectly. It’s the perfect pen. Seen above with the 2013 Hobonichi planner.

Journaling and letter writing

For “serious” writing, nothing beats a nice fountain pen. I’ve tried dozens of them and found I prefer the Pelican pens. The one I use is a Souverän Black-Blue M 400. I fill it with one of any number of fun inks. Writing with a fountain pen is a tactile and visual pleasure. Shown above with the 6″x9″ Epica Leather Journal.